Be Prepared with Solar Power!

Power Outage

Beginning in the summer of 2019, power companies around California intentionally shut off the electricity for millions of customers, fearing that high winds would create forest fires via downed electrical lines. Many residential homes and businesses found themselves without power for hours or even days. For some it was an inconvenience. For those reliant upon machines or refrigerated medicines for their health, it was a life-threatening situation.

Thankfully, a home solar electricity system not only saves you money on your electrical bill, but it can also provide power to your home when California’s electrical grid is not available. Of course, how much electricity your system provides depends on its size and options, but even a small photovoltaic system can make sure that vital appliances do not go without power.

What Kills the Power?

Along with manual shutoffs, there are other circumstances that result in a loss of power. If there is excessive demand on the electrical grid — running an army of air conditioners during the summer months, for instance — there may not be enough power to meet that demand, leading to brownouts or blackouts. A solar system takes advantage of the abundant sunlight during the summer months and helps you keep enough power when the grid’s supply is inefficient.

One thing that many people do not realize, however, is that your solar panels only provide electricity during a blackout if you have a battery backup. Since workers need to fix or monitor the electrical grid during emergencies, the utility company cannot allow your solar panels to “feed the grid” during power outages. The electricity from your panels, and others, may shock unsuspecting workers further down the line. But a battery bank safely stores the electrical power generated by your solar panels, creating a backup that’s ready to supply your house or property on any occasion.

Working With the Grid

Having a solar power system with battery backup sets your mind at ease by assuring your home is not devoid of electricity when you need it. With Solaron’s experienced agents, we can find a system that best suits your needs! One way we do this is by using SunPower photovoltaics, the most efficient panels on the solar market, providing you the most power possible for a given area. If you have more specific questions about how solar power works with the electrical grid or would merely like to know what system would best suit your needs, contact Solaron. Give us a call at 916-631-9293 or fill out our free solar analysis request here on our website.

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