Solar Energy Surplus

Solar Surplus

By installing photovoltaic systems from Solaron, many people have nursed themselves away from dependence on California’s electrical grid. Solaron helps many households reach this goal every year. Our meticulous calculations prepare a photovoltaic system with enough panels to help meet your daily electrical needs.

What if your average electrical usage decreases? When family members leave the nest, they no longer use electricity at your house. What if you end up using less electricity than the installed solar system generates?

What Happens to the Extra Electricity?

As with most technologies, photovoltaic systems are designed with fail-safes to make sure an overabundance of electricity does not accumulate outside of controlled parameters. In other words, Solaron has options built into the system for handling “extra” electricity. The easiest option by far is to shunt the unused electricity into California’s electrical grid. Your electric company “buys” the extra power from you. They monitor the amount carefully and give you a refund or credit on your electrical bill. Many Solaron customers get enough back to severely discount their bill, and some produce enough to cover it altogether!

Another growing aspect of California culture is the use of electric cars. Most people plug in their electric cars at home, adding to the electricity coming through the power meter. With a solar panel system from Solaron, you can plug in your car and recharge it for free! The power comes from the panels, not the grid. But what if it’s nighttime when you charge your car?

Store Your Extra Electricity!

Solaron offers battery storage solutions. With battery storage, you have a supply of electricity ready to go at any time, day or night. This is a huge advantage if your connection to the electrical grid is interrupted due to brownouts or blackouts at night. You might not even know there was a blackout at all until you hear it on the news the next day!

Battery storage also benefits electric cars. Your car gets charged from battery storage as soon as you plug it in at the end of the day. Then, while you’re out and about during the day, your solar panels recharge your battery storage, making sure they stay full. Of course, if you have any surplus electricity generated after the batteries are full, that extra still gets placed into the grid, and you get credit for it.

Discuss Your Potential with Us

Extra electricity from your SunPower solar panels, installed by Solaron, means extra benefits for you. Solaron helps make sure that extra electricity does not go to waste — by storing it for later use, or by giving it back to the grid for a little extra credit. If you would like to know more about these benefits or some of the others a solar panel system from Solaron can give you, please give us a call or schedule a free consultation here on our website.

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