Solar Electricity

Generate your own electricity and you could reduce or eliminate your monthly electrical bill by installing solar panels. Save money by harnessing the free power of the sun!

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Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a low-cost investment that lets your family enjoy your  swimming pool more than ever before without the high cost of heating gas or electricity.

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Largest California Heliocol Dealer

Heliocol is one of the world’s leading solutions for swimming pool solar heating and Solaron is proud to be their #1 California Dealer.

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Authorized SunPower Dealer!

Solaron is an Authorized Northern California Dealer for SunPower, the world’s efficiency leader in residential and commercial solar panels.

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Our Happy Customers

View glowing reviews from our satisfied customers for solar electricity and solar pool heating. We look forward to making your experience just as great as theirs!

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Our Solar Blog

Off Grid
Grid, or No Grid?

One seemingly appealing idea that comes with adding a photovoltaic panel system to your home is going off-grid. However, it’s good to consider the pros and cons of taking such a step. Find out more here.

Spanish Tile Roof
Success with Spanish Tiles

Did you know that you can have solar power even if you have Spanish tile roofing? An inset solar installation is a wonderful way to have your Spanish tiles and your solar panels work together, giving you shelter and electrical power simultaneously. Find out more here!

Ups and Downs of Solar
Ups and Downs in the Nationwide Solar Industry

It’s not just in California that utility companies are fighting against personal solar power. Hawaii has its own bill trying to limit household solar. What does this mean for the future of photovoltaic energy? Find out here.

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