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Pentair IntelliCenter and Intellicenter Lite Pool Control Systems

IntelliCenter Pool Control System

The Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control System is a smart management solution for pool automation, characterized by its intuitive controls and comprehensive capabilities. Here are some of its key components and features:

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    Intellicenter Key Components

    Touchscreen Interface

    The system boasts a high-resolution, full-color touchscreen display, facilitating easy navigation and a visually engaging user experience.

    Ease of Use

    Its intuitive interface simplifies pool operation by providing step-by-step setup screens.

    Remote Accessibility

    Cloud connectivity allows you to control your pool settings remotely using smartphones, tablets, or computers.

    Energy Efficiency

    The IntelliCenter is automatically designed to conduct pool operations during non-peak electricity hours, creating significant energy cost savings.


    You can tailor the system according to all of your needs, thanks to its flexible programming options.

    Advanced Control

    Manage various aspects of your pool environment, like water temperature, lighting, fountains, and more, from a single interface or remotely via Internet access.


    As your pool system grows, IntelliCenter can accommodate additional circuits to control more equipment.

    Intellicenter Compatibility Features

    Integration with Pentair Products

    The IntelliCenter seamlessly integrates with other Pentair products, ensuring a unified pool management ecosystem.

    Smart Home Integration

    The IntelliCenter is compatible with major home automation platforms. Coordinate your pool settings with other automated systems in your home, like climate control or outdoor lighting.

    The Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control System stands out for its user-friendly interface, remote access capabilities, energy efficiency, and extensive customization options. Compatibility with other Pentair pool equipment and smart home platforms makes it a highly versatile and future-proof solution for modern pool automation. Contact Solaron to effortlessly manage your pool systems with the Intellicenter!

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