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Pentair Clean and Clear Plus Cartridge Filters

A Pentair Clean & Clear Plus pool filter system with a tan body and black pressure gauge on top. Warning labels and instructions are affixed to the upper part of the filter, with inlet and outlet ports on the lower side. The system is set against a white background.

Clean & Clear Filter Series

The Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter series, including the standard Clean & Clear, Clean & Clear Plus, and Clean & Clear RP models, offers a range of features and benefits tailored to different pool filtration systems. Here is a comparison of each filter’s built-in features:

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    Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter


    • Chemical-Resistant Tank: Built to resist pool chemicals, ensuring durability.
    • No-Tool Servicing: Simplifies maintenance without the need for specialized tools.
    • Coreless Cartridge: Allows for easier cleaning with a hose.


    • Ease of Maintenance: The design facilitates straightforward and quick cleaning.
    • Durability: Chemical resistance promotes a longer lifespan.
    • Efficient Filtration: Ensures clean and clear pool water.

    Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter


    • Large Filter Surface Area: Captures more dirt and solids, extending time between cleanings.
    • Durable Materials: Enhances cartridge life.
    • Commercial-Grade Performance: Delivers high-level filtration.


    • Extended Cleaning Intervals: Less frequent maintenance required.
    • High-Quality Filtration: Keeps pools sparkling clean.
    • Long-Term Use: Durable design ensures sustained performance.

    Pentair Clean & Clear RP Cartridge Filter


    • High-Efficiency Single-Cartridge System: Features a side-entry port for greater efficiency.
    • Particle Trapping Capability: Traps particles as small as 20 microns.
    • Enhanced Cartridge Surface Consistency: Improves filtration efficiency.


    • Exceptional Filtration Efficiency: Filters out finer particles, enhancing water clarity.
    • Reduced Energy Consumption: More efficient system lowers operational costs.
    • Ideal for Single-Cartridge Systems: Offers superior performance compared to similar systems.

    Each model is designed to ensure clean, clear, and healthy pool water with increasing levels of effectiveness and maintenance convenience. Contact Solaron to discuss the best option for your specific pool maintenance regime and budget.

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