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Solar Pool Heating


Solar heating for swimming pools is a proven technology. Water from your pool, after passing through the pump and filter, is diverted to the solar panels and then returns to the pool. Using solar for your swimming pool heats your pool without the cost of a gas heater and extends your swim season by months!

Solar pool heating is simple and it works. First of all, the sun’s energy is free. When it’s gathered efficiently with Heliocol solar panels, you warm your pool water so you can enjoy swimming from Spring to Fall, earlier in the mornings, and later in the evenings! Too many people pay for the upkeep of a swimming pool year round, but get very little use out of it when they’re not satisfied with the water temperature. Solar energy gives you full advantage out of your pool investment by providing a longer swim season and more comfortable water temperatures.

For example, it’s obvious the advantages that come from pool heating in the early and late months of the year. During the summer heat, however, a pool can sometimes get warmer than desired, simply due to the outside temperature. When properly tuned with a digital thermostat and controls, a solar panel system can actually cool your pool so it feels less like a summer hot tub! At homeowner command, a solar pool heater becomes a swimming pool cooler by circulating water at night, when temperatures are lower and the water can release its heat through the panels. No gas heater can do that!

Solar pool heating — a long-lasting, low-cost solution that lets your family enjoy your Sacramento and Bay Area swimming pool more than ever before!

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