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Pentair WhisperFlo High Performance Pump

Whisperflo® Vst Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Pentair WhisperFlo High Performance Pump is engineered to conserve electricity and maximize hydraulic horsepower while maintaining a high-performance level.

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    Here are some of the amazing features of this highly efficient pool pump:

    Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor

    This type of motor is a key feature of the WhisperFlo pump. The TEFC design means that the motor is completely enclosed, protecting it from external elements like dust, moisture, and debris. This ensures a longer life for the motor and contributes to quieter operation. The fan-cooling aspect of the design helps to keep the motor at a lower operating temperature, further enhancing its durability and efficiency.

    Enhanced Design for Greater Efficiency and Reduced Operating Costs

    The WhisperFlo pump is engineered with an improved design that optimizes water flow, thus reducing the amount of energy required to efficiently circulate the water. As a result, it leads to lower operating costs over time, making it a cost-effective choice for pool owners.

    Durable and Reliable in Demanding Installations and Conditions

    The WhisperFlo pump is built to withstand demanding installations and challenging operating conditions. This robustness is a testament to its quality construction and materials, ensuring reliable performance even with rigorous or heavy-duty use.

    2” NPT Suction and Discharge Ports

    The pump features 2-inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) suction and discharge ports. This standard sizing facilitates easy installation and compatibility with most plumbing setups. The size of these ports is ideal for ensuring efficient water flow and reducing hydraulic noise.

    Cam and Ramp™ Lid for Easy Maintenance

    The Cam and Ramp™ Lid design is a user-friendly feature that allows for easy access to the strainer basket. This simplifies routine maintenance tasks like inspection and cleaning. The ease of opening and closing the lid, without the need for tools other than your hands, enhances the overall user experience and helps make pump maintenance easy.

    Compliant with DOE Minimum Efficiency Requirements

    Some models of the WhisperFlo pump meet the minimum efficiency requirements set by the Department of Energy (DOE). That makes it energy-efficient, reducing environmental impact and saving on energy costs for the user.

    If you want a high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient pool pump with easy installation and convenient maintenance, then the Pentair WhisperFlo High Performance Pump is what you are looking for. Contact Solaron today to find out more!

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