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System Start Up and Winterization

Basic Steps to Use Your Solar Pool Heating System

  • If your system has isolation valves, make sure they are open. Do not under any circumstance try to run the solar with these closed, as you can damage your pump or plumbing.
  • If your system has a drain faucet on the roof or on any plumbing going up to the panels, make sure it is closed.
  • Turn your solar control to the automatic position and set the temperature. If you have a computerized pool control system, enable the solar function and set your pool temperature.
  • Set your pump to run five hours or more during the best daylight hours (usually afternoon). This is done at the time clock or at the programming pad of the pump control system. If you have a motorized pool cleaner, it’s run time may have to be reset also.
  • It is always advisable to visually watch the system the first time it comes on each season, to make sure the motorized valve is turning correctly, and that nothing is leaking. If you can see the roof clearly from the ground, keep an eye open for any water on the roof. If you can’t see the roof, it is advisable to go up and look, or request the Solaron Annual Maintenance program. If the system won’t come on in auto and you want to check it, turn it on manually, but make sure to turn it back to auto when you are done testing its function.

To winterize:

  • Turn the solar system off. If you have a self-draining system, that’s all you have to do. If you are unsure, check your system specifications page, or give Solaron a call.
  • If your system is not self-draining, you have to close the isolation valves and open any drain faucets on the roof.
  • Adjust your pool run time for winter hours.

We offer a yearly start up and winterizing program for you, to simplify your pool maintenance duties. Contact our office for the Annual Maintenance program details and pricing.

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