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Pentair EasyTouch Pool and Spa Control Systems -TradeGrade

Pentair's EasyTouch Pool Automation System with an open control panel, detailing a user-friendly keypad and digital screen for automated pool management. The left side displays operational diagrams and safety warnings.

Simplified and Cost-Effective Pool Automation

The Pentair EasyTouch Control System offers a streamlined solution for pool and spa automation, simplifying the management of pool operations. It eliminates the need for manual interventions, such as adjusting valves, time clocks, and thermostats. The system features user-friendly push-button operation with intuitive displays and instructions, consolidating all necessary controls and circuitry into a single interface. This center is conveniently installed near your pool or spa equipment, reducing the complexities and costs associated with extensive wiring and installation. It’s an ideal solution if you want a hassle-free, efficient, and sophisticated approach to pool and spa management.

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    EasyTouch Key Features and Specifications:

    • Available as a Four-Function or Eight-Function System.
    • Compatible with various equipment, including variable speed pumps, pool and landscape lighting, waterfalls, fountains, heaters, and more.
    • Includes a 150-amp breaker box capable of accommodating up to 10 individual 1-inch breaker switches.
    • Integrates with the ScreenLogic2 Interface for control via mobile devices, computers, and smart speaker systems.
    • Equipped with built-in diagnostics for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.
    • Certified by UL (US) and cUL (Canada)
    • Dimensions: Height – 26 inches, Width – 17 inches, Depth – 5.25 inches.

    Compatibility of the EasyTouch

    The Pentair EasyTouch Control System offers compatibility with a range of Pentair’s pool and spa equipment products including:

    • IntelliFlo Variable Speed and Flow Pumps
    • MagicStream Laminar support
    • IntelliBrite Color LED Pool and Spa Lighting
    • IntelliBrite Color LED Landscape Lighting
    • UltraTemp Heat Pumps​​
    • ScreenLogic2 Interface

    Where to Buy the EasyTouch Control System

    If you want to simplify your pool operations with a convenient and user-friendly system, then the EasyTouch Control System is the ultimate choice. Contact Solaron to purchase an installation or upgrade today!

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