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Pentair MasterTemp High Performance Pool and Spa Heaters

The Pentair MasterTemp High-Performance Pool and Spa Heater is designed to offer efficient, dependable, and energy-saving heating for your pool or spa. Key features and benefits include:

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    Energy Efficiency

    The heater includes smart features and an optional energy-saving automatic bypass. This bypass helps conserve energy by diverting water flow when the heater is not in use, potentially saving up to 35% in yearly operational costs.

    Smart Connectivity

    Digital connectivity is managed through the Pentair IntelliCenter Control System, allowing you to operate your pool functions remotely, whether you’re across the yard or on the other side of the globe.

    User-Friendly Digital Display

    The full-text digital display combines new functions with a user-friendly menu, simplifying operation and diagnostics. This feature makes it easy for users to interact with and understand the heater’s status and settings.

    Advanced Ignition Control

    The heater is equipped with an advanced ignition control module that includes a flame strength sensor, ensuring optimal heater performance and reliability.

    Real-Time Alerts

    Alerts about the heater’s performance and status can be pushed to a smart device, keeping you informed and up to date in real-time.

    Dependable and Efficient Performance

    Known for its dependability, the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater consistently maintains efficient pool heating, ensuring your pool is ready whenever you need it.

    The Pentair MasterTemp® High-Performance Pool and Spa Heater stands out for its combination of advanced technology, energy efficiency, and user-friendly features, offering a reliable and cost-effective heating solution. Contact Solaron to purchase this exceptional product for your pool or spa system.

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