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Pentair ScreenLogic2 Interface

Digital home automation interface displayed on a laptop screen showing controls and status for pool and spa settings, including temperature and system status, with a sunny weather forecast for the week. In front of the laptop, a Pentair brand iC2 Protocol Adapter and a white antenna device are placed, indicating pool automation equipment.

Ultimate Control of Your Pool Maintenance

The ScreenLogic2 Interface enables you to manage essential functions of a pool or spa through the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch control systems. These systems are the central hub for managing your pool and spa equipment. Here are some of the many benefits of this product.

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    Remote Access via Digital Devices

    One of the key features of ScreenLogic2 is its ability to connect with various digital devices. You can use smartphones, tablets, computers, and even certain smart speakers to interact with your pool controls. To access the interface, download the ScreenLogic2 app on your mobile device or install the ScreenLogic2 software on your computer.

    Control and Monitoring Functions

    Through the ScreenLogic2 Interface, you can:

    • Adjust pool and spa temperatures.
    • Control the lights, including colors and brightness with LED systems.
    • Activate water features like fountains or waterfalls.
    • Turn on and regulate pool pumps and heaters.
    • Set up schedules for automatic operation of various components like pumps, heaters, and lighting.
    • Receive real-time alerts and diagnostic reports about the status of your pool and spa equipment, helping you stay informed about the system’s health and maintenance needs.
    • Monitor and adjust pH and chlorine levels if you have an integrated chemical management system.

    Incorporate the ScreenLogic2 Interface with Your Pool or Spa

    With the ScreenLogic2 Interface, pool and spa owners enjoy a more convenient, efficient, and smart way to manage their pool environment, enhancing both comfort and functionality. Contact Solaron today to upgrade your pool and spa management experience with the ScreenLogic2 Interface!

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