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Pentair SolarTouch Solar Control System

The Pentair SolarTouch Solar Control System for pool heating, with an open clear cover showing the digital LCD displaying 'Water 76°F Heating to 85°F'. Below the screen are buttons for system status, menu navigation, and an operations guide, all mounted on a beige exterior housing.

Maximizing Pool Heating Efficiency with SolarTouch

The Pentair SolarTouch Controller is a comprehensive solar control system designed for swimming pool heating, offering high precision and efficiency. The system comprises a four-button controller, a valve actuator, a positively sealed diverter valve, and two temperature sensors for monitoring both water and solar temperatures​​. Key features and aspects of this system include:

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    Full Digital Control

    SolarTouch is fully digital, ensuring precise and efficient pool heating. The system’s thermostat is easily set with the touch of a button, allowing for close monitoring of pool water and solar collector temperatures.

    Temperature Monitoring

    It constantly monitors the temperature of water in the pool and the solar collectors, maximizing the use of available solar heat. This feature ensures that the pool water is heated in the most energy-efficient manner.

    Digital Calibration

    The system adjusts temperatures in 1° increments, providing precise control and customization according to user preference.

    Integration with IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Pumps

    The SolarTouch Control System is designed to integrate seamlessly with Pentair’s IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Variable Speed pumps. This integration enhances the overall efficiency and performance of the pool heating system.

    The Pentair SolarTouch Controller stands out for its precise control, efficiency, and seamless integration with variable speed pumps. Contact Solaron to learn more about it today!

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