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Why Heliocol Works: The Science

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Part 1 of a 2-part Series

Solar pool heating systems are a great way to get the most from your swimming pool. They’re environmentally friendly, efficient, and extend your swimming season without breaking the budget. Benefits like these are why Heliocol solar pool heating systems are among the best available on the market. The science and design of Heliocol systems demonstrate why they’re a worthwhile investment. In this article, we’ll discuss their design and construction. In the next article, we’ll cover how to get the most from a customized installation of your Heliocol system.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Solar pool heating systems grab the sun’s energy to heat the water of your swimming pool with greater efficiency. The process begins with the solar collectors – usually installed on rooftops. These collectors absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water flowing through them. The heated water returns to the swimming pool and colder water flows to the collectors. Gradually, the temperature of the pool water increases.

Innovative Design Features

Heliocol features an individual tube design, which increases the surface area exposed to sunlight. The more surface area, the more heat that is transferred to the water. Additionally, it allows for greater flexibility and durability. The material design allows the tubes to expand and contract independently without causing damage to the rest of the collector.
Using an over-molded header construction, the Heliocol system eliminates weak points and potential leaks. It also ensures a reliable connection between the header and the individual tubes, enhancing durability and performance.

Environmental Impact

Solar energy is renewable and creates no emissions. By utilizing solar energy, Heliocol systems reduce household reliance on fossil fuels. It costs much less to use the sun’s heat than to pay for electricity or natural gas to bring up the water temperature. As a result, Heliocol systems help homeowners with swimming pools to reduce their carbon footprint and their monthly utility bill.

You’ll Benefit from Heliocol

With Heliocol solar pool heating systems, the goal of using the best method to extend your swimming season with comfortable temperatures is easily met. As we’ve shown, this is partly due to its design and construction. But the best way to get the most out of it is to use it properly. Therefore, in the next article we’ll explore how to get the most from your Heliocol system through customization and optimization. But if you want more information about Heliocol systems right now, Solaron is ready to answer your questions. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation here on our website!

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