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SMUD’s Countdown to Carbon Free

Countdown to 2030

It’s encouraging to see power companies and utilities take up the “charge” to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from their electricity production. The Sacramento area non-profit power company SMUD intends to help the environment by reducing emissions and pursuing alternative means of generating electricity. On their website, SMUD offers a series of pages with abundant information about installing solar systems for your home. Along with these, SMUD has a goal to be 100% carbon-free, changing Sacramento into what they call a “Clean PowerCity”. They even have a countdown to 2030, when they intend to reach that goal. Some of the steps they intend to make in reaching that goal include:

  • Taking fossil fuel power plants offline and switching others to alternative fuel sources
  • Increasing renewable energy sources and battery storage
  • Adopting new technologies and innovative programs
  • Expanding partnerships and grants to offset additional costs

Since SMUD is committed to a cleaner future, their renewable energy goals work in tandem with the missions of Solaron, SunPower and Maxeon. We want to see you benefitting from the free electricity provided by the rays of the sun! SunPower and Maxeon produce the solar panels we use, and we install them, providing you with whatever incentives SMUD is making available for their Sacramento customers.

Solaron is happy to be your solar agent, using our decades of experience and skill to find the best deals for you. We’re with you through the life of your solar power experience, from your first question, to configuring the system, to installation, activation and follow-up inquiries. We’d love to explain more for you. Please give us a call or schedule a free solar analysis online. When SMUD reaches their 100% carbon-free goal, you could proudly say you’re a part of it with help from Solaron!

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