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Assembly Passes Bill to Simplify Solar Panel Installation

Solar Pool Heating

With the approval of Assembly Bill 2188, cities will now be mandated to process residential solar permits for small, residential solar installations within five business days and reduce the review process to just one inspection after the installation is complete.  An actual installation takes one day, and prior to the passage of this bill, on average, it takes three weeks to apply for a permit, install solar modules, and get the final project inspected.  Effective September 30, 2015 AB 2188 calls for only one inspection after the permit is issued and the project is complete; saving money and being ecologically responsible.

We believe, by simplifying the permit process, the State of California, further endorses solar power and solar energy.  We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you or someone you know to solar.  Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our solar designers.  Saving money and being ecologically responsible; get your Solaron.

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