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Solaron: an A+ Better Business Bureau Company

Solaron A+ BBB

Solaron prides itself on excellent customer service and quality installations of solar panels and solar pool heating systems in the Sacramento area and Northern California. This focus on superior workmanship has led to Solaron receiving an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). What is the BBB and what does this exceptional grade mean for our customers?

What is the BBB?

The BBB was founded to promote “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.” With that goal as their primary vision, the BBB has set “standards for marketplace trust” that member businesses are expected to follow. They help to mediate disputes between members and their clients, while providing a site for reviews of companies by their customers. The amazing thing about the BBB is that it has provided this service for over a century and last year offered reports on more than 5 million businesses and eleven thousand charities.

How BBB Grades Work

Where they have enough information, the BBB provides a letter grade for a business as a rating of its customer service. Some of the most important factors in the grade include:

  • how many complaints have been received about the business,
  • how any complaints were resolved,
  • how long the company has been in operation,
  • the company’s reputation for truthfulness in advertising and with their customers.

From these factors and others, the BBB assigns points that result in a letter grade, much like the grading system used in high schools. For Solaron, this grade is the highest possible – an A+.

What Solaron’s A+ Grade Means for You

Scoring an A+ tells you a number of things about Solaron:

  • We’ve been in the solar business for a long time — since 1989.
  • Solaron has worked with the BBB for an extended period, since 2009.
  • We have an excellent history with our customers.
  • Solaron is known for being truthful in its advertising, sales and performance.

All of these aspects of our fine reputation guarantee that you as a customer can have confidence when you talk with one of our representatives and turn your home or business over to our work crews. For an opportunity to speak with a Solaron sales technician, please contact us at 916-631-9293 for a free quote and consultation. You’ll be sure to enjoy our A+ service and reputation for quality photovoltaic panel and solar pool heating installation.

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