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Roofing Your House for Solar Panels

Roofing for Solar Panels

When you plan a new house or reroof an old house, that’s the best time to prepare for installing solar panels. Solaron of Sacramento can be of great help to your roofing contractor, especially if sufficient notice is provided for us to collaborate with them effectively. Ultimately, working together leads to a better roof and a faster solar energy installation.

Why Work Together

Solar panels can obviously be installed after a roof is made. Solaron does it all the time. It requires additional steps, however, to ensure that your roof does not leak. Solar panels must be attached solidly to the roof, and that usually requires drilling. So we use specific industry techniques to make certain that those panel attachments do not allow water to penetrate the roofing materials.

By planning your roof for solar ahead of time, this step can be done in advance. It’s easier to do and even more effective. We work out the locations for solar mounts with your roofing contractor and they then plan on how to cover them properly.

It’s for this reason that many of our clients with older houses decide to replace the roof before adding photovoltaic panels. Your choice of roofing material can also affect the solar installation. One of the strongest and absolutely leak-proof methods of installation is using a metal roof. Special attachments secure themselves to the metal cover, requiring no penetration. If you like the metal roof option, it’s the best possible material for a solar installation. Even existing metal roofs are readily adapted for solar energy systems.

To receive a free consultation about your roof and its suitability for solar panels, contact the planning and installation experts at Solaron in Sacramento! Call us at 916-631-9293 or use our online request form to get more information.

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