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All-in-One Solar Power

All In One Solar

When people investigate photovoltaic power for their homes, they soon learn there is more to the process than merely placing some panels on a roof. The panels need to be mounted securely, able to withstand the weather, and reliably convert the energy so you can use it in your home. Options like  net metering and electric vehicle hookups add additional benefits.

Another issue is the wide variety of manufacturers – not just of the panels, but the mounts, the wiring, the inverters, the hookup equipment, and other components. Getting each company to manufacture their items in a way that works with all the other pieces is a tremendous feat. If one little thing is off, it can delay the installation extensively. Not only that, but each manufacturer only offers a warranty on their product. You might end up with several warranties, all with different durations and coverage. All this is enough to make a customer’s head spin. Solar power is a decidedly complicated DIY!

SunPower Simplifies the Solar Panel Process

Through extensive research and development, SunPower offers products that eliminate these complications. For instance, the all-in-one SunPower Equinox home solar system is complete and thorough. Instead of getting different components from different manufacturers, the entire system is manufactured by Maxeon Solar Technologies. The hardware, the electronics, the panels – all of it is designed and supplied by Maxeon. Each component is built to interact with the next, from solar cell conversion to home connections.

Since all the parts are manufactured by one company, the SunPower Equinox system comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers all parts of the system. Not only that, but the warranty lasts for a full 25 years! No more negotiating with different companies to find out who is going to cover an issue, accident or faulty component – you simply make a call to Solaron. We contact SunPower and get the issue resolved.

Keeping Solar Simple

When you choose a SunPower solar system be assured it is designed to work without complication. SunPower initiated it, Maxeon builds it, Solaron installs it, and you benefit from it, always having the electricity you need. To find out what solar options are best for your home, give Solaron a call or use our online form to schedule a free solar analysis. Enjoy solar power the best way possible: all-in-one!

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