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Appreciate Your Swimming Pool


Solar pool heating in Sacramento may seem an odd subject to cover in the middle of winter. The facts are, you want to get back into that pool as soon as possible. Your swimming pool is a significant investment. You have a swimming pool so that you can use it, not watch the robotic cleaner roll around the bottom. It’s a personal relaxation source and leisure time component, not just a concrete pond. It’s even more than that, providing many options for workout routines! Your swimming pool brings happiness for your kids and serves as an enticement for friends and family to attend your barbeque. Wouldn’t you like to use it more often?

At Solaron, we know you would. That’s why we offer solar pool heating for your swimming pool. But we don’t offer just any version of solar pool heating in Sacramento – we only offer the best one on the market. Heliocol pool heating systems are so well recognized that they were chosen to heat the swimming pools used for the Olympic Games in 1996 (Georgia), 2004 (Greece), and 2008 (China).
Heliocol Swimming Pool Heating

The Heliocol heating system integrates flawlessly with your swimming pool’s filter pump. After the water passes through the filter, but before it returns to the pool, it gets diverted to the Heliocol heating panels spread out over your home’s roof. The panels have thin black tubes that absorb heat from the sun. The tubes heat the water, which then returns to your swimming pool, sharing the heat with the water already there. A thermostat detects the temperature of the water in your pool, and a low-power diverter maintains the flow to regulate the desired temperature.

Your filter pump already sends the water from the pool to the filters and then back to the swimming pool. With the Heliocol swimming pool heating system, it merely diverts the clean, filtered water to the panels before returning to the pool. There’s very little strain on the pump, if any, and the extra length of water flow has an almost undetectable effect on your electric bill. What’s more, the system can even cool down the water, using nighttime breezes to lower the temperature when summer temperatures make the pool too hot. This is all controllable with the diverter system, so your swimming pool is refreshing more often.

Should I Install My Pool Heater in Winter?

Installing the Heliocol solar pool heating system now makes sure it is up and running for when you want to use it. It gives you the opportunity to test out the system and determine what temperature is right for you. The Heliocol system comes with a 12-year warranty that includes the cost of parts and labor, and they offer parts replacement even beyond the warranty.

Solaron is proud to be one of the top California dealers for Heliocol since 2010. We know for a fact that the Heliocol systems work, and that many thousands of Californians love the comfort provided by Heliocol solar pool heating. To learn more about solar pool heating, just give Solaron a call or fill out our online form.

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