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Facts About California Solar

California State Flag

California is leading the nation in solar energy! It helps that our state is one of the best for sunny weather and features some of the nation’s most helpful monetary incentives for installing photovoltaic panels. But if you still need more convincing that green energy is a large part of California’s future, here are some facts from the Solar Energy Industries Association. This will help you see why photovoltaic panels are such a great idea for households in Sacramento and Northern California!

First, California installed more new solar electric capacity than any other state, bringing more than 5,0000 megawatts of power online in 2016. That represents a large chunk of California’s total installed solar power, which stands at nearly 19,000 megawatts. This supplies over thirteen percent of California’s energy needs.

That clean power provides electricity for nearly five million California households. To install and service these photovoltaic panels, over 100,000 employees work around the state. Nationwide, this also represents the highest number of jobs in the solar power sector.

Over the last five years, the price for solar installations in California has declined by 64%. This is in part due to improvements in ease of installation. SunPower solar panels, installed by Solaron, use a very simple, yet durable, system that guarantees long life! Additionally, the efficiency of photovoltaic cells continues to improve, meaning that fewer panels are required to generate a household’s necessary electricity.

Finally, nearly 14,000 megawatts of new solar power is planned for the next five years? Will your home represent part of this number? As time goes on, significant tax incentives for solar panel installations are scheduled to decrease. Solaron can help you now to maximize your solar benefits. For more information, and to keep California number one in solar, contact one of our talented solar specialists at 916-631-9293.

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