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Getting The Most with Heliocol

Sun Shining

Integrating a Heliocol solar pool heating system offers an environmentally friendly solution to extend your swimming season. Understanding the nuances of system sizing and installation significantly enhances its efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, here are some things to consider if you are considering buying a solar pool heater from Solaron.

Key Considerations for Sizing the System

The process of sizing a solar pool heater is critical and depends on various factors that contribute to its overall performance:

Pool Size and Desired Temperature – the surface area of your solar collector typically should match 50%–100% of your pool’s surface area. The ratio increases in cooler, cloudier regions to capture more solar energy, thereby extending the swimming season.

Regional Climate Variations – as an example, pools in Florida might require collectors that cover 100% of the pool’s surface area for year-round usage. In contrast, pools in Northern California are generally used for 6 months, so a coverage of 60%-70% is adequate.

Use Pool Covers – utilizing pool covers can reduce the need for larger collector areas as they help retain heat, decreasing the overall energy required for heating.

Selecting the optimal size of your system incorporates all of these factors and your preferences, based on our discussions with you.

Optimal Pump Sizing

Transitioning from conventional heating systems to solar might require adjusting your pump size. A properly sized pump ensures efficient water movement through the collectors, which is pivotal for optimal heat absorption. While the Heliocol solar pool heating system is designed to work without adding undue load to your pool pump, our experts at Solaron determine if any adjustment is necessary.

Effective Placement of Collectors

Placement of the solar collector panels typically involves selecting a location near the pool that receives ample sunlight. A nearby roof is the most common spot, but they can be placed in other areas that meet exposure needs if required. In choosing the best location, it’s important to take orientation and tilt of the panels towards the sun into account.

Orientation – the ideal orientation is true south; however, collectors can be oriented up to 45 degrees east or west of true south without significantly affecting performance. Solaron considers local conditions, like shading from other buildings or trees, when determining placement.

Tilt – the tilt should ideally match the latitude, adjusted slightly depending on whether heating is required for spring, summer, and fall only or year-round. Collectors might be mounted flat to align with roof angles. When such a setup is less than optimal, Solaron is happy to consider alternative locations for the installation.

Adjustments in collector sizing, orientation, and pump specifications cater to specific environmental conditions and personal usage patterns, optimizing the system’s functionality.

Bring Heliocol to Your Home

Harnessing solar energy for pool heating through a Heliocol system not only aligns with sustainable living practices, but also offers tailored comfort across seasons. Solaron offers a free solar home analysis to determine the best options for customizing and optimizing a Heliocol solar pool heating system for your home. A Heliocol solar pool heating system is the finest way to increase your swimming season, and Solaron excels at helping you reach that goal.

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