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Ground Mounting Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

When you see a solar energy farm, you typically see a vast array of photovoltaic panels all mounted on stands attached to the ground. The best of these actually rotate so the panels constantly face the Sun. Of course, the motors that make this happen add to the cost, require additional maintenance and consume a small part of the electricity produced, so most ground-mounted solar panels are stationary. If you have a large amount of property, or want to power some outbuildings or structures, you may wish to go with a stationary ground mount solar array.

Advantages of Ground Mounts

Solar ground mounts are available from various resellers. Like any electrical project, the building inspector must approve the components. Although Solaron handles permitting for roof-based projects, the supporting structures for residential ground-mounted solar would need to receive prior approval from the responsible city or county office. The homeowner handles that process.

Once the mounts are installed and secured, installation of panels becomes much easier, since installers are working on terra firma and not on a roof. Maintenance of the panels is simpler and faster for the homeowner, a topic that we will consider in a future article. The time required for any future troubleshooting or repairs is also reduced by keeping solar panels on the ground.

If you want to install ground-mounted solar panels, Solaron can help. Contact us for a free solar consultation today.

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