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Heliocol in Sacramento

Heliocol Sacramento

Suited for Our Climate

Sacramento, the City of Trees, boasts more than lush greenery. With its Mediterranean climate and an abundance of sunlight, it’s an ideal location for solar innovations. Those who reside in the greater Sacramento area know that summers here can be intense and the winters, albeit short, are often cooler than desired for a refreshing dip in the pool. This is where the Heliocol solar pool heating system becomes not just a luxury, but a game-changer for swimming pool enthusiasts.

Sacramento Sunshine

Sacramento is privileged with sunlight about 70% of the average year. This equates to more than 250 days of potential solar pool heating annually. Moreover, during the peak of summer in July, each day in the Sacramento area enjoys an average of 14 daylight hours. This abundance of sunlight doesn’t just mean more opportunities for picnics or river outings; it means longer, more efficient solar heating for your pool.

Extending the Swimming Season

The hot season in Sacramento lasts from June to September. A Heliocol solar pool heating system extends the swimming season by adding close to a month on either side of that estimate. The Sacramento Valley’s hot, dry summers ensure that the solar panels absorb and convert as much energy as possible. Although the unpredictability of annual weather comes into play, the time you get to spend in your swimming pool increases with Heliocol.

Solaron and Sacramento – A Partnership in Sustainability

Pairing Sacramento’s natural climatic advantages with Solaron’s Heliocol solar pool heating system is a logical choice. Solaron understands the unique characteristics of the Sacramento Valley and offers tailored solutions that fit seamlessly with our environment. The Heliocol system uses the pump power you already have and it consists of very few moving parts. It often lasts well beyond its 12-year warranty, and converting solar energy into heat allows Heliocol to minimize your carbon footprint over other pool heating options.

Solar pool heating aligns local climate and cutting-edge technology. The Heliocol solar pool heating system, when paired with the abundant sun of Sacramento, promises not only extended swim seasons but also an eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-saving solution for homeowners. If you’re in Sacramento or the surrounding areas and want to make the most of your swimming pool year-round, contact Solaron by phone or by using our online form to schedule a free home solar analysis.

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