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Home Style with Heliocol

Solar Pool Heating

For home buyers who like a swimming pool, there is instant appeal when they see the black solar heating panels from Heliocol mounted on the roof. That home is made to be efficient and luxurious. This is a home that offers more swimming time! Even more importantly, they appreciate the inconspicuous placement and eco-friendly appeal. A Heliocol home is geared to be good for the environment while looking great.

We Keep Aesthetics in Mind

At Solaron, we understand that solar pool heating systems are meant to be background support. They’re not intended to be seen or heard, but their effect on swimming pools should be felt. With sleek lines and a minimalist footprint, Heliocol panels are designed to integrate smoothly onto any roof without detracting from the home’s architectural style. Whether your home features modern minimalism or traditional charm, the unobtrusive design of Heliocol panels ensures that your home’s aesthetic is preserved.

The Heliocol system allows the homeowner to stabilize their pool temperature without bulky equipment or gaudy pipes contrasting with the landscape. Solaron installs the system with the surrounding landscape in mind. We work with your roof to position the panels to maximize exposure to sunlight. We also fit the plumbing as discreetly as possible.

Advanced Materials for a Modern Look

The materials used in Heliocol systems are chosen for their durability and visual appeal. The high-quality finish and robust construction mean that the system withstands the elements while maintaining a clean, modern look that appeals to design-conscious homeowners. These advanced materials also provide versatility, allowing the panels to be installed on different types of roofs. For instance, they can be installed on patio covers, additional garages, or cottages. Depending on available space and sunlight, Heliocol panels can even be installed on ground mounts or fences.

Integrating a Heliocol solar pool heating system into your home design doesn’t mean compromising on style. With Solaron’s expertise, these systems enhance your property’s aesthetic while providing the practical benefits of solar heating. Whether upgrading your home, preparing to sell, or designing a new space, consider Heliocol for a subtle addition to your swimming pool. You can find out more by contacting us over the phone or filling out our form here on our website.

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