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Pool Party!

Group of 4 friends sitting on the edge of the pool splashing water with their feed. They are wearing bathing suits, laughing and smiling, eating watermelon and having a good time. There is a colorful banner in the background indicating this is a party on a warm summer day. Heliocol makes swimming enjoyable for more of the year!

Whether celebrating graduation, a promotion, or simply a chance to unwind with friends and music, nothing complements a gathering like a swimming pool. Did you know that Sacramento ranks among Aqua Magazine’s top 10 cities for homes with pools? We’re perfectly set up for pool parties! Yet, someone might object, “Nah, the water’s gonna be too cold.” That’s your cue to point to your rooftop’s solar pool heating panels and confidently say, “Heliocol!” Instantly, doubts are dispelled, and the party is on!

Party Support

Numerous pool owners in Sacramento and the Bay Area enjoy showing off the benefits of their Heliocol solar pool heating system. It epitomizes innovative, eco-friendly design. Solar panels capture the sun’s warmth, gradually elevating your pool’s water temperature to the ideal level. Utilizing your existing pump for water circulation, the system harnesses free sunlight for heating. An automated thermostat carefully maintains the desired temperature.

Interestingly, Heliocol ensures your pool remains just as inviting at night. Although pools typically lose heat as day turns to night, the warmth garnered during daylight with the Heliocol system counteracts this drop, creating a perfect thermal balance. This means your pool’s welcoming warmth persists, even after sunset.

The After Party

The perks of solar-heated waters extend beyond mere comfort. They reflect a deep commitment to sustainable living.

Eco-smart Technology – Heliocol’s solar energy application means you can enjoy warm swims without additional energy costs, minimizing your household’s carbon footprint — a highlight you can proudly share with your guests.

Long-Term Savings – opting for Heliocol isn’t just about immediate gratification. It’s a move towards substantial financial and environmental gains over time. Thus, every pool party you host is not only memorable, but also economically savvy.

Seamless Integration and Reliability – known for its reliability, Heliocol guarantees no chilly surprises that might dampen the spirits. Solaron ensures the system integrates smoothly, with all connecting pipes discreetly tucked away, never interfering with your party’s aesthetics.

Party On!

As laughter and music resonate into the night, the comforting warmth of your Heliocol-heated pool stands as a testament to modern, responsible living. Next time there’s any hesitation about poolside gatherings at your place, just point to those Heliocol panels and keep the good times rolling. For more information about how you can add Heliocol solar pool heating to your swimming pool, contact Solaron in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

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