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Sizing Up Your Solar Pool Heating System

Sizing Up Solar

When you have Solaron install a Heliocol solar pool heating system in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, you greatly enhance the length of time you can enjoy your swimming pool. Most pool owners need to wait until the sun’s summer heat penetrates below the surface of their swimming pool’s water, making it comfortable for a plunge. But a Heliocol pool heating system collects the sun’s heat and transfers it to the water, so it’s much more comfortable in spring and fall. In fact, the Heliocol system can cool down the water flowing through it – much like a radiator in your car – so a plunge in the summer is much more refreshing.

Factors in Solar Pool Heating

Not all swimming pools are the same size. Some are modular, some are kidney-shaped, some are Olympic size. That means a giant swimming pool needs a bigger solar pool heating system than a small pool. What’s more, there are other factors to consider, such as:

  • length of swimming season
  • availability of roof space
  • placement, orientation, and tilt of the collector panels
  • average regional temperatures
  • desired temperature
  • efficiency of the filter pump

Solaron prepares for all of these factors, calculating what size solar pool heating system you need. In most cases, the surface area of the solar collector panels for your solar pool heating system needs to be 65% to 100% of the surface area of your pool. In sunny California, we don’t deal with the same heat and humidity, so a typical solar pool heating system sits at 60% to 70% of the pool’s surface area.

There may be other factors that come into play, considering your circumstances. The best way to find out what size of Heliocol solar pool heating system is right for your pool is to contact Solaron for an analysis. You can contact our office over the phone or by using our online form. Let’s find out what size of solar pool heating system is right for you!

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