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Solar Energy — It’s a Cycle!

Solar Energy Cycle

Past experience and research makes our clients well aware of what photovoltaic cells do and the value of the electricity they produce. Sunlight strikes a photocell, gets converted into electrons, and is then used to power household or commercial appliances. The ultimate source, sunlight, is provided on a daily basis for free!

Stay Out of My Sunlight!

When you increase the amount of sunlight hitting your solar panels, you also increase the amount of electricity the photocells produce. Therefore, on a cloudy day, a solar system produces less electricity than on a sunny one. Sadly, pollution has the same effect as natural clouds. So in Sacramento during the summer, when sunlight is at its peak, electrical production might be slightly lessened by the amount of smog in the air.

But consider what happens when you purchase solar panels and start using them for your electrical needs.

  1. Your utility company no longer needs to make as much power.
  2. Lower power demand translates into less fossil fuels being consumed.
  3. Less fossil fuel consumption means less smog.
  4. Less smog means more sunlight!
  5. More sunlight creates more solar electricity.
  6. More solar electricity means your utility company no longer needs to make as much power.

We think you can see the point. The greater our local, regional, national and worldwide investment in renewable energy with zero carbon fuel consumption, the cleaner our air becomes. The cleaner our air, the greater the availability of sunlight to provide solar electricity in the first place. Solar energy, whether for pool heating or electricity generation, works in a cycle. It cleans the air, making it easier to make more solar energy.

To do your part for cleaner air and more renewable energy production, contact Solaron of Sacramento and ask for a free solar energy assessment today!

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