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Solar Panels — Noise Pollution Free

Noise Pollution Free

When people think of the benefits of installing solar panels, they rightly focus on the fact that solar energy is pollution free. Photovoltaic cells also produce no carbon dioxide while generating electricity, so they also create zero greenhouse gas emissions. All of these benefits are tremendously important, but another pollution-cancelling effect of solar panels is that they make electricity without making noise.

Who Needs Generators?

Anyone who has taken a camping trip, only to be disturbed by another camper with a gas or diesel generator, knows that making electricity generally means making a lot of noise. Not so with solar panels! Once the installation is finished, your solar panels will never be the source of noise ever again. To see the benefits this brings to our environment, consider the noise range of some typical methods of energy production.

  • A wind turbine produces a sound of approximately 43 decibels (dB) at 300 meters. That’s like the sound of your refrigerator, according to General Electric.
  • A residential natural gas generator comes in around 70 dB, about the same noise level as your home air conditioner or a typical conversation, writes a commercial installer.
  • A utility-level diesel generator reaches 89 dB at 50 feet, based on studies by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.
  • A coal-fired power plant hits over 90 dB, says the International Journal of Engineering, Development and Research. That’s between the sound of a semi-truck and a jackhammer.

Preserving Peace and Quiet

In our daily lives we deal with considerable background noise, at various levels depending on where we live and work. This sound is created by all of the many things operating around us. If more of our power came from solar panels, that noise would be reduced, making our world that much quieter.

To help contribute to a peaceful planet, talk to the technical experts at Solaron. We provide the best solar panels available from SunPower to our customers in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Solaron — we provide energy for life!

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