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Solar Powered Schools

Solar for Schools

Children go to school to learn. They learn about how the world works, and how they can make a difference when they finish learning the basics. Since photovoltaic power systems are such an important aspect to California’s future infrastructure, it stands to reason that teaching students about solar power is a great way to prepare them for the future. Fortunately, within the last decade, the number of California schools with installed solar power systems has tripled.

See a Need, Fill a Need

When it comes to school budgets, the cost of using energy is second only to staff salaries. In the United States, schools spend more than $6 billion annually in keeping the lights, heating, and air conditioning on – as well as other electrical components. With solar panel arrays for schools, it greatly reduces how much electricity they pull from the grid, thereby reducing operating costs. Adding solar power allows schools to redirect the saved funds into educational needs or better equipment.

Onsite Learning with Solar Panels

Many schools use a teaching approach called STEM, short for science, technology, engineering and math. STEM integrates the different disciplines into a single learning format based on real-world applications. Using this method, many schools have used the opportunity to teach their students about the solar industry as photovoltaic power systems are installed on site. This gives the students a better understanding of the solar industry and even prepares them for a career in the field. Since the solar industry is continuing to grow in California and most of the United States, the advantage of teaching kids about the process gives them an advantage if they want to work in the field.

We’re Happy to Help

Solaron takes pride in educating our customers about solar panel systems and how they benefit you. We also love to explain what it takes to make a solar power system work efficiently. We’re happy to help you educate your students on the subject by installing solar panels at your school. Invite us to provide you a quote by contacting our office at (408) 292-4328 in the Bay Area, or (916) 631-9293 in Sacramento. You can also use our online form to request more information.

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