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The Science Behind Heliocol

Science Behind Heliocol

Why is Heliocol the Best in Pool Heating?

Solaron believes in the power of the sun. It transforms our lives – and not only through its radiant warmth and light. We can use it to power our homes and heat our pools. We’re proud to use Heliocol products, a leader in solar pool heating systems. Their innovative system harnesses sunlight to create an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for pool heating. Let’s delve into the science behind Heliocol solar pool heating systems.

Understanding Solar Energy

Sunlight aids our sense of sight and provides warmth, but is also a massive power source. Products like photovoltaic solar panels gather the energy produced by the sun and transform it into electricity. When you stand in the sun, you feel this process happening as your skin gets hot – your skin is collecting energy from the sun’s rays, and it becomes heat. Heliocol solar pool heating systems use this same phenomenon to collect energy from the sun and transform it into heat using special panels, called solar collectors. The panels infuse the heat into water passing through them. The technology behind this process is a blend of physics, engineering, and environmental science.

How Does a Heliocol Solar Pool Heater Work?

The solar collectors are panels comprised of small tubes. Water from your swimming pool circulates through these tubes. The panels absorb the sun’s energy, converting it into heat, which is then transferred to the water flowing through the tubes. The Heliocol system uses multiple solar collectors at the same time to heat up a greater portion of water simultaneously.
The beauty of Heliocol systems lies in its integration with your existing pool equipment. The pool pump pushes water through the filter to make sure your swimming pool water is clean and clear. After leaving the filter, the water gets diverted into the Heliocol solar pool heating system, where it’s heated before returning to the swimming pool. This warmed water interacts with the water already in your pool, raising its overall temperature.

Automatic Temperature Regulation

An automatic controller in the system monitors your pool’s temperature. When it detects that the temperature is below your desired setting, it diverts water through the solar collectors. Conversely, when the pool reaches your set temperature, it bypasses the solar collectors.

Heliocol Stands Out

Heliocol’s design stands out for its efficiency and durability. The over-molded design of the solar collectors prevents leaks and allows for efficient heat transfer. The individual tube design, a unique feature of Heliocol systems, ensures that each tube remains flat for optimal energy absorption. It also helps to prevent wear and tear and reduces wind load. Using the existing pool filtration and water flow means that there is no secondary pump needed, no extra electrical use, and no added noise. Moreover, Heliocol’s mounting hardware is designed to allow for contraction and expansion as the system heats and cools, respectively, reducing stress on the system and ensuring longevity – another example of science and engineering.

The Effective Science of Heliocol

Understanding the science behind Heliocol solar pool heating systems sheds light on the ingenuity of renewable energy technology. By embracing these systems, you enjoy the benefits of a warm pool, lower energy bills, and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a more sustainable future. Discover the magic of transforming sunlight to improve your pool experience with Solaron’s Heliocol solar pool heating systems. Contact us today by phone or use our online form to schedule a free home solar analysis. Learn more about the wonders of solar pool heating!

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