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What About SMUD and Solar Incentives?

Smud and Solar Incentives

Many of the customers served by Solaron for the design and installation of solar panel systems receive their electricity from SMUD, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. When our articles talk about incentives, such as the SGIP for home batteries, readers can readily find information about larger utility companies and these programs by scanning the Internet (PG & E comes to mind). For smaller utilities that do not have a statewide reach, the amount of information available is certainly far less. Therefore, we wanted to share some links with you that directly go to the SMUD website on the topic of home battery storage and other solar incentives.

SMUD Offers Solar Incentives

SMUD is greatly interested in reducing fuel emissions from electricity generation and improving customer service during peak periods. Therefore, in addition to whatever state or federal incentives ratepayers may be qualified to receive, SMUD also offers incentives of its own for various type of energy saving systems, such as solar panels and home batteries. Here are links to these programs:

If you are a SMUD customer and would like to know more about how Solaron interacts with SMUD on your behalf when installing your solar panels, please contact us online or by calling 916-631-9293.

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