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Counting the Cost of Solar Pool Heating

Price vs Value

In a recent article, we discussed the three most common types of swimming pool heating systems. When Sacramentans purchase a property improvement, they are often concerned about the bottom line. Is heating swimming pool water for extra comfort going to be worth the extra cost? To help our potential clients decide this issue, here are the annual costs for running the three types of swimming pool heating systems commonly found in Northern California:

  • Gas heating: $1500 to $2900
  • Electrical heating: $800 to $1500
  • Solar heating: $52

Wait — so little money for solar heating? What about running the thermostat and control system? What about pumping the water through the system? Well, the thermostats and control systems provided by Solaron use a miniscule amount of electricity to run them. It might take you 50 hours for that part of the system to use a single kilowatt of energy. And since solar heating plugs into your existing pump and filtration system, it merely becomes a part of the filtration costs you already experience. Since solar heating mostly requires only what you already have in place, in terms of energy usage, the actual costs to run it are so minimal that they are pennies in comparison. To be fair, let’s say about a $1 per week on average is required to control the system. As for the sunlight that heats the water, you get that for free.

This is why solar pool heating is the best value for your money! Costs for installation are essentially similar between gas, heat pump and solar pool heating systems. For longevity, however, the Department of Energy gives the advantage to solar pool heating, stating that systems like Heliocol are likely to outlast any type of mechanical heater. Fewer parts and fewer mechanisms mean fewer things to break down, repair and replace. The advantage for homeowners and businesses wanting a warmer swimming pool lies with solar pool heating, installed by Solaron of Sacramento!

Don’t Get Frozen Out!

Don’t let cold water freeze you out of using your swimming pool! Give Solaron a call or schedule a free solar assessment online. With decades of experience, we’ll help you make the best use of the sun for your pool!

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