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Details on Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Earlier, we discussed the benefits of using the sun to heat the water in your swimming pool, allowing you to use your exercise and entertainment investment more often throughout of the year. Solaron exclusively uses the Heliocol pool heating system with our installations, due to its superb reputation, quality design and ease of installation. Since 2010, Solaron has been the #1 dealer for Heliocol systems in California. How does the Heliocol system work?

Using What You Have

A swimming pool has a sophisticated cleaning system. A skimmer intake collects debris floating on top. At the same time, water likely cycles through a drain, sweeper, or both, at the bottom of the pool. A strong pump pulls the water from both areas and sends it through a filter to get rid of contaminants and residue, and then sends the water through a return jet, or jets, into the pool.

With a pool heating system, the water merely goes through a little detour before returning. The Heliocol system plugs into this already-existing cycle right after the filter. Thus, clean water gets diverted through a series of panels consisting of thin black tubes, typically spread along your home’s roof. The sun heats the water flowing through the tubes. Finally, the water returns to your pool at a much more enjoyable temperature.

Sit Back and Relax

The ambient temperature of your pool builds as more water goes through this cycle, until your preferred temperature is reached and the thermostat stops the flow of water through the solar panels. Also, since the Heliocol system is using the water flow you already have in place, there’s little increased strain on your pump and relatively none on your electric bill.

When you want cooler water in the middle of summer, the system can automatically switch from daytime pumping for heating water to nighttime pumping for cooling water. Then your solar panels become radiant panels, using the cooling Delta Breeze to release excess heat into the surrounding nighttime air.

Solaron and Heliocol

Current estimates show more than 200,000 installations of Heliocol systems for satisfied customers across the globe. Another report shows approximately 1,200,000 residential swimming pools in California, most without heating systems. That means there is an enormous opportunity for Californians to take advantage of heating their swimming pool water by using Heliocol systems, installed by Solaron. Every system installed reduces our collective use of natural gas and electricity, while allowing you to enjoy your pool for more months each year.

If you have a swimming pool, or are thinking of getting one, consider the benefits of having temperature-controlled water available when you swim! When you are ready to take the plunge, or simply want more information about pool heating systems from Heliocol, please give Solaron a call at 916-631-9293, or contact us online.

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