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Solar Pool Heating

As the temperature in the Sacramento Valley drops with the coming of fall, the temperatures of swimming pools drop too. As a result, many are contemplating getting out the pool cover and preparing for winter. How would you like to delay that task a little longer each year? You can shorten the season your swimming pool is “under wraps” by purchasing a solar pool heating system installed by Solaron!

How Many Degrees Can I Expect?

A number of factors affect just how much heating you get from a solar pool heating system. A major consideration is the effectiveness of the system, but there you may rest assured, as Solaron only uses components provided by Heliocol, the same provider at many of the Olympic swimming venues!

Once the concern about efficiency is taken away, you can now focus on the things that give your system greater amounts of energy to put into pool heating.


Obviously, you won’t get any heating out of a rainy day, but even overcast days with sufficient sunshine provide some heat. And long sunny days provide so much energy that you may actually decide to use your solar heater at night, to radiate water through the system to cool your pool down. Built-in thermostats make sure that your pool is heated or cooled to match your ideal temperature, based on the amount of solar energy available. And in California, you have one of the highest averages for available sunshine in the entire U.S.

Size of System

The more collecting panels you have, the more energy your water absorbs, leading to a greater ability to heat or cool your pool, as you see fit. If the area of your panels is approximately half the surface of your pool, you should be satisfied.


Where will your solar panels be mounted? They need to face south for the best results, but as long as some southern exposure is available, there should be enough energy to raise your pool temperatures considerably.

So enjoy your swimming pool! It’s a major investment in outdoor living and provides you with relaxation and exercise. By adding solar pool heating, you gain more time for you and your family to enjoy the refreshing waters. Some 800,000 households in America use solar pool heaters, the largest application of solar technology on the continent. Ask a specialist at Solaron to help you do the same by calling 916-631-9293 today!

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