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Surprise Perk from Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool

Summer in Sacramento — who needs Reno for hot August nights? During those blazing temperatures, there’s nothing quite like the joy of a refreshing dip in a backyard swimming pool. But with Sacramento Valley heat waves often in the triple digits, this invigorating swim may seem like more of a warm bath. Surprisingly, solar pool heating from Solaron can actually help bring back the cool to your swimming pool.

Solar Pool Cooling?

The sun’s rays heat the water in your solar pool heating system, and then it sends the water back into the pool. As you can imagine, the system thermostat pauses water flow when the sun is out during the summer months. Otherwise, the panels might heat the water to a point where your pool becomes a hot tub!

Throughout the summer, however, Sacramento nights typically cool off. The same goes for the panels and pipes of your solar pool heating system. What happens when you pump water through cool panels and fixtures? The temperature is reduced significantly by radiating the heat from the water into the cool air! If the Delta Breeze makes its way over your panels to pull that heat away, the water temperature is reduced even more.

The conclusion is that with a solar pool heating system you get temperature adjustment for warmth during the colder months (by using sunlight), and water cooling during heat waves by using radiant technology at night. The system thermostat controls the entire process, leaving you with little more to do than enjoy your swimming pool at the temperature you prefer.

Enjoy Your Swimming Pool More

If you would like to know more about Heliocol solar pool heating (and cooling) systems and how they can regulate the temperature of your swimming pool, give Solaron a call or schedule a free assessment online. We want to help you say “Come on in, the water’s great!” no matter the time of year!

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