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What is a “Same as Cash” Option?

Same as Cash

Solaron wants to see more people taking advantage of the monetary and environmental benefits of solar power. So do the federal government and many Northern California municipalities and utility companies. When these organizations offer a credit on taxes or fees for installing solar panels, Solaron is often able to give our customers a “Same as Cash” option to reduce their upfront costs.

How does “Same as Cash” work? Let’s take the 30% federal tax credit as an example. Say a customer buys (not leases) a $30,000 solar system. Their tax credit will be $9,000! That money won’t arrive, however, until the following year. So Solaron finances the $9000 for up to 18 months, allowing the customer to pay it off interest-free with the money they earn from their tax credit. This means their actual cost for the system is only $21,000 and that’s all they need to pay up front.

If you are interested in buying your photovoltaic panels outright, feel free to discuss the Same as Cash program with your Solaron sales agent. By using our interest-free financing, you can significantly lower the price you need to pay to start generating energy from the sun! For more information, contact Solaron in the Sacramento area by calling 916-631-9293 or by using our online request system. Solaron – providing energy for life!

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