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Affordable Swimming Pool Heating

Solar Pool

Any improvement to your home is an investment. Ideally, such investments are practical and cost-effective. Ask any client with Solaron installed photovoltaic panels system on their property and they can relate the benefits of an investment in solar power. If you have a swimming pool and you want it heated, we have another fine investment to recommend. Many pool owners are not convinced that heating the water is justified. They feel the costs are too high. That’s where a Heliocol solar pool heating system comes in, especially here in sunny Sacramento.

Counting the Cost of Solar Pool Heating

A gas heating system usually runs from $1500 to $2900 in costs per year. Electrical heating often ranges between $800 and $1500, but that price depends on the electrical costs from utilities. (It’s true that if you have a Solaron installed photovoltaic system, that cost would be much lower.) But with a Heliocol solar pool heating system from Solaron, the average annual operating cost is merely $50 to $60. Why such an extreme difference?

With Heliocol solar pool heating, the water circulation system uses the equipment you already have in place. Your existing pump provides the impetus for the moving water while it filters and cleans your pool. A little extra electricity goes into the thermostat and the servos used for regulating water diversion to the heating system, but it’s not much. Maintenance costs are minimal. Therefore, you can regulate the temperature in your swimming pool during the spring, summer, and fall for about a dollar a week! (If you want to swim in the winter, be our guest, but that is the one season where solar heating faces challenges to bring up the temperatures.) And you won’t need to use natural gas or electricity to do it – just the power of sunlight, which we all get for free.

More Swimming, Less Expense

Any swimming pool is an investment. It’s meant to bring relaxation, happiness, and fitness to the lives of the household. Why not arrange for your swimming pool to do that for 9 or 10 months of the year, instead of only 5 or six? And why not do it for a fraction of the cost of electric or gas heating? To find out more, give Solaron a call or use our online form to schedule a free solar analysis. Let our knowledge and expertise assist you in getting the most out of the sun for your home and your swimming pool.

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