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“Do-Overs” For the Environment?

Environmental Do-Over

When children play a game, one might call out “Do-over!” at some point. The idea is that they want a second chance to get a certain action right. And that makes sense — we often improve our skills with do-overs. But when we get older, life doesn’t always give us a chance for a do-over. If you get something wrong, you or someone else might have to face the consequences.

Let’s bring this topic to the subject of our environment. We only have one planet! If we don’t get it right the first time, there is no do-over. As more and more people move into the Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area, the demand for electricity increases. Most power plants use sources like coal, oil or natural gas to produce needed electricity. However, using those sources results in pollutants and toxic wastes that require further action to dispose of them. Even nuclear energy results in harmful waste, which then sits in landfills or restricted areas — occasionally seeping back into the ground, threatening soil crops and water supplies.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the electric power sector is among the largest contributors of greenhouse gases in the United States, representing 28% of all emissions. That’s a tie with transportation — all the transport vehicles in the country generate 28% of American greenhouse gases. The industry sector generates 20%, while commercial and residential combined only produce about 11%.  Agriculture produces about 9% (with a lot of that coming from cows and other livestock).

By using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, that 28% of greenhouse emissions for electricity can be significantly reduced. Not only that, but the sustainability of solar energy contributes to the reliability of California’s electric grid, as well as that of the entire nation.

When you install a photovoltaic system from Solaron using SunPower panels, you immediately diminish the amount of natural resources used to produce electricity. In fact, any unused electricity produced on our property can then be added to the local, state and nationwide electrical grid, so someone else can use that electricity generated by the sun instead of fossil fuels. Using a Heliocol pool heating system, you use the sun’s rays to heat your swimming pool instead of natural gas.

When it comes to transportation, the technologies for electric vehicles have come a long way. Now, you can power your electric vehicle with the electricity produced by your photovoltaic panels instead of a coal-burning power plant! And if you install a battery backup for your solar system, you can charge your vehicle and run your home even if the grid goes down.

Change for the Better with Solar Power

With every year that passes, scientific authorities are recording higher temperatures across the only planet we have. Every solar power system or Heliocol pool heating system installed by Solaron helps the communities in Sacramento and the Bay Area to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases.

We might not get a do-over with how we tend the Earth, but we can get a do-over right now with how we use its resources. Please contact Solaron for a free, no-obligation solar assessment, either online or by phone.

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