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SunPower Solar Panels

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SunPower photovoltaic panels (or modules) are universally recognized as the highest quality product on the solar market and have been for many years.

There are over 100,000 residential SunPower solar systems installed worldwide. Add to this the thousands of commercial and industrial applications of SunPower photovoltaics internationally. Homeowners and businesses trust this manufacturer especially due to SunPower’s leading technology, quality product, and industry leading guarantees. How does SunPower earn all this praise and trust?

SunPower solar panels use high-grade monocrystalline silicon and Maxeon™ cell technology, resulting in the solar cells built on a durable solid copper foundation. SunPower cells are thus virtually impervious to corroding and cracking, common causes of degradation and decay in conventional panels.

SunPower was the first manufacturer to offer a 25-year performance guarantee and continues to lead the industry in innovation and relentless quality control. Ask Solaron, a leading Northern California installer, to design your SunPower installation for better, longer-lasting solar electrical output!

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