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SunPower Warranty

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SunPower offers a 25-year Performance Warranty on their solar panels. Compare this to a five to ten year average in the solar industry and you see the confidence that both Solaron and SunPower have in superior products.

In the unlikely event that you have an under-performing panel, SunPower will pay to remove it, repair or replace it, and then reinstall the panel. SunPower also offers a money-back energy guarantee with their lease and purchase programs, covering your system if it does not meet their performance standards.

Why SunPower Offers a 25-Year Warranty

Let’s let SunPower speak for itself, with this quotation from their warranty brochure: “Since 1985, it’s been the SunPower mission to provide the most reliable and efficient solar systems available. With more than seven million panels powering the globe, SunPower has proven the durability and reliability of our panels. We credit our success to the unique design of our patented SunPower® Maxeon® solar cell technology and our network of more than 2,000 expert partners whose top priority is keeping our customers powered. By offering the industry’s first combined power and product warranty, we are underlining our continuing commitment to deliver the best solar experience in the market.”

In essence, the 25-year guarantee tells you that these solar panels will last longer than the competition. They will also be effective throughout their lifespan, not just for ten to fifteen years, serving your home and electrical needs better than any other solar system. This spreads out your investment costs and increases the amount of time that your home and family benefits from the installation.

Read more about the SunPower 25-year solar panel performance warranty HERE!

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