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Why Install Solar Panels

Electrical rates are high and continue to rise. Fossil fuels are linked to changing climates. Solar power addresses both of these concerns by providing low-cost, clean, renewable electricity for your home. Purchasing solar now is a guaranteed hedge against rising costs due to inflation. It also means that you instantly become a large part of the environmental solution and one more component of a strengthened nationwide electrical grid.

In addition, photovoltaic power is the way of the future! Combine your solar panels with a electric car and your daily cost for commuting becomes considerably smaller. Install energy conserving appliances and run your entire home on solar!

Finally, another thing helping to make solar electricity affordable is the ongoing federal tax credit for residential and commercial photovoltaic installations. This is a credit, not a deduction, so it actually lets you directly reduce your tax bill by applying up to 30% of the cost of your solar installation. The credit can even be spread out over multiple years. Yet this is no time to wait, because the 30% credit goes away at the end of 2032, down to 26% in 2033, and 22% in 2034. Only businesses will be applicable for a credit in 2035. Delay means dollars lost, so speak with a Solaron sales representative today to learn about how you too can get these huge savings!

Solar electricity installed by Solaron — it’s the right thing to do for your wallet, planet, family, and future!

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