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Why Install Solar Now?

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Solar Financing Costs are Low

Energy prices continue to rise, but solar prices are competitive now! Many of the financing/leasing options currently available are very advantageous to homeowners. You can actually reduce your electrical bill by so much that what you pay on a monthly basis for your solar panels is less than what you used to pay for electricity.

But, what’s the rush? Utility rates are conservatively estimated to go up 2.67% per year, year after year. Current options for purchasing, financing, and leasing are very compelling since they are tied to the still low-interest rates in financial markets. And unlike many home improvements, solar is known to increase your home’s value, even many years down the road.

Solaron offers attractive financing options such as “same as cash” programs and solar leasing. Solar leasing is currently the “hot ticket item” in the industry, requiring only low or no down payments, reasonable monthly rates, and comprehensive system warranties, maintenance, and production guarantees.

Federal Rebates Ending for Residential Solar

Photovoltaic (PV) solar currently qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit through 2032. The tax credit for residential solar declines to 26% in 2033, followed by 22% in 2034 until the program ends in 2035, unless Congress renews it. This credit is not a tax deduction! It is an actual credit that can be applied against federal taxes, dollar for dollar, and can be spread out over multiple years.

There are also some local and state incentives available for PV, depending on the municipality and the energy provider. Solaron pays close attention to all of these rebate and incentive programs and uses them to lower the costs of your solar system, providing a greater net benefit to you and your family. Please consult your tax adviser regarding income tax credit eligibility.

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