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“Going to Ground” with Solaron

Ground Mounted Solar

The phrase “go to ground” denotes hiding somewhere you cannot easily be found or avoiding someone or something. In a way, Solaron helps you “go to ground” with solar panel systems, so you effectively hide from high utility bills or electrical blackouts. But if your circumstances permit it, we can also help you go to ground in another way.

Ground Mounts for Solar Panels

In Northern California there are many properties with large parcels of land. At least a part of such land is often clear and open, but otherwise unused. Now, perhaps you don’t have enough space to make roof-mounted solar panels worth your while, or maybe you’d like to power up some buildings on the far side of your property. Whatever the case, adding a photovoltaic panel system is still an option by using solar ground mounts.

You’ve probably seen large versions of these in your travels, passing by a rural area. You might see large arrays of solar panels standing across an open field instead of attached to the roof of a nearby building. Many of them have motors and computer-controlled programs to help them follow the course of the sun. The same can be done for residential properties, but on a smaller scale, with fewer panels and the rotating option typically removed.

Benefits of Ground Mounts

Using a reseller or contractor, the homeowner contacts the appropriate city or county office for approval in placing the mounts. Once the mounts are in place, the photovoltaic panels get installed relatively quickly, since the project happens on the ground instead of a roof. This also makes for easier access and maintenance, if necessary.

Solaron focuses on roof-mounted photovoltaic panel systems. Thankfully, we work exclusively with SunPower for all our installations of Maxeon solar panels. SunPower has a large network of installation experts, including some that specialize in ground mounted solar systems. Not only that, but our decades of experience have put us into contact with other experts that feature ground-mounted installations. Finding the right installer for your circumstances is no more than a phone call away.

Are roof-mounted solar panels right for you, or would it be better to have your solar system go to ground? The best way to find out is contacting Solaron by phone, or by filling out our online form to receive a free solar analysis. Let’s find out which option is the best for you.

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