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Heliocol Saves Water and Energy

Save Water

In the sunny landscapes of Sacramento and the Bay Area, where drought is a common climate feature, water is precious. That means that pool owners face a specific challenge:how do you enjoy the luxury of a pool, while also being mindful of water conservation? The answer lies with Heliocol solar pool heating systems, offered by Solaron. Heliocol is an elegant solution that extends your swim season and also contributes to your water-saving efforts.

The Water-Energy Nexus in Pool Heating

Heating a pool traditionally requires a significant amount of energy, which, in turn, can indirectly lead to water usage — whether through the power plant’s cooling process or the energy source’s extraction and processing. Heliocol’s solar pool heating systems break this cycle by using clean, abundant solar energy, drastically reducing your carbon footprint and conserving water resources.

Water Conservation Measures

The design of Heliocol systems encourages responsible water management. With durable, leak-proof components, Heliocol systems prevent water waste — a common problem with lesser-quality heating options. Every drop saved contributes to the region’s water conservation goals, aligning your home with the community’s sustainability efforts.

Join the Conservation Movement with Solaron

Solaron is committed to helping you contribute positively to our environment. When you choose Heliocol, you choose a future where luxury and sustainability coexist. You become part of a growing community of eco-conscious homeowners who understand that conserving water is just as important as enjoying it. So, when you have Solaron install a Heliocol system for your swimming pool, you’re doing both!

Embrace the warmth of the sun and the satisfaction of conservation with the Heliocol solar pool heating systems, installed by Solaron. Extend your swimming season, save on energy costs, and conserve water — all with one smart investment. Contact Solaron by phone or online form to learn more about how you can swim smarter and more sustainably.

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