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Is My Roof Too Small for Solar?

Is My Roof Too Small for Solar

When the available roof space is small, many homeowners worry that their house is just not big enough to get any benefit from solar panels. Solaron of Sacramento wants to assure you that there are effective solutions for properties with minimal roof space. One solution involves the high-efficiency solar panels manufactured by SunPower. The other includes solar shade structures as part of your solar network.

Maximizing Roof Space

SunPower is the number one producer of solar panels in terms of efficiency. This means that their photovoltaic cells produce more electricity than similar sized cells made by other manufacturers. When you combine these cells into solar panels of various sizes, the result is a powerful solar array that fits into a relatively small space. So don’t assume your roof is too small for solar, since SunPower can turn even a relatively small roof into a potent electrical generator.

Modifying Shade Structures

Another option is to take advantage of carports, porches or other areas in your yard and surrounding your house that can benefit from a shade structure. And don’t be concerned that your yard will look like a parking lot! There are many different designs that fit right in with the exterior style of California homes. Solaron can provide you with the best options in the solar industry that extend your power generating ability while beautifying and shading your property.

So for more information on how you can fit solar energy onto your property, no matter what the size of your roof is, contact the solar experts at Solaron. Call us at 916-631-9293 or request a free energy consultation via our website.

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Many different sizes of solar systems are available in the markets. Usually it comes in plane shape that has 4 to 5 feet length and roundabout 2 feet wide. You can place up to four or five plates on your roof even if you have small roof. Such types of shapes are easier to place on any kind of roof.

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