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Is Solar a Good Fit for You?

Is Solar a Good Fit?

The Solar Consumer Protection Guide, Part 1

The State of California requires all companies offering solar panel installation, like Solaron of Sacramento, to provide their potential customers with the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide from the California Public Utilities Commission. This guide breaks down the basics about solar power into a number of important parts. Since explaining this document is essential to what we do at Solaron when meeting a new client, here is more information about one of the first parts — determining if solar is right for you!

Is Your Rooftop Sunny or Shaded?

If you plan to put your solar panels on top of your roof, it had better receive a lot of sunshine during the day. When a house is surrounded by trees, it’s great for reducing your electric bill in the summer. Shade cools a house considerably, and there are even studies suggesting that trees improve the surrounding air by capturing pollutants with their leaves. But shade is horrible for electric panels. We don’t recommend cutting your trees just to install solar panels. Instead, look for other options, like ground based solar stands or turning a carport or patio structure into a solar installation.

Replacing Your Roof?

If your roof needs replacement, coordinate with your roofer for the installation of solar panels. Never install the panels and then replace your roof. It creates complications and increases the likelihood that your new photovoltaic system could be damaged. Always fix the roof first!

What Direction Does Your Roof Face?

Light from the Sun comes primarily from the south in Sacramento. Therefore, your roof needs a considerable amount of space on a south-facing side to make solar panels practical. If Solaron takes a look at your house and sees that the facing of your roof is not a good fit for solar, we will tell you so and discuss alternate options

Do You Own Your Home?

Although a renter may be gung-ho for installing solar, installation of photovoltaic panels has to be approved by the owner of the property. You may be willing to pay for it, but they have to sign off on everything.

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Increasing the energy efficiency of a building lowers its electrical demand. This boosts the likelihood that you will see real benefits from installing solar panels. Better insulation, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and turning off unused lights and devices all contribute to lower electricity bills.

In future articles, we will discuss more of the information provided by the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide!

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