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The Case for Climate Optimism

Examining the Importance of Solar Energy in Testimony Before Congress

There is near-boundless opportunity inherent in the transition to a new clean energy economy. — Anne L. Kelley, sustainability expert

In our prior article, we looked at testimony on solar energy made before Congress by a member of the California Air Resources Board. Mr. Hector De La Torre highlighted the importance of consumer solar panels for meeting California’s clean energy goals. In further comments, sustainability expert Anne Kelly presented the importance of clean energy technology for improving the economy, both now and into the future, even on a personal level.

Speaking of the economic opportunities inherent in zero carbon energy alternatives, Ms. Kelly stated: “There is near-boundless opportunity inherent in the transition to a new clean energy economy….That’s why some leaders have described solving climate change as the greatest economic opportunity the world has ever seen.”

Although her comments were focused on the effect nationally from the promotion of clean energy opportunities, the effects are felt even at the level of the individual homeowner or small business using photovoltaic electricity. She continued by saying, “nearly every company and investor can be a ‘winner’. That includes renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy storage — if they plan and pivot into clean, low-and zero-carbon approaches and products without delay.” [italics ours]

When Sacramento homeowners take this advice and “plan and pivot into clean…approaches without delay” by purchasing solar panels from Solaron, they see immediate benefits. First, their investment is partially repaid by significant tax reductions and the payment of incentives. Second, their electrical bill plummets when the system goes online and starts using the free energy from the sun to generate electricity. Finally, any excess wattage generated by the solar panels is sent to the utility company, earning them a small payment via net metering that further reduces their bill and spreads the benefits of zero-carbon energy generation.

Solar Energy is Not Just an Alternative

What’s more, Ms. Kelly declared that solar energy now deserves consideration as a major source of electricity for our nation and the world. Specifically, she listed the increasing advantages of solar energy over other sources of power:

We’ve already seen stunning growth in renewable energy sources like wind and solar, which no longer represent ‘alternative’ energy sources—they have gone mainstream, eclipsing all other forms of newly installed electric generation globally each year (i.e. more than new natural gas, coal and nuclear power combined). Going forward:

○ We expect massive growth in these clean energy sources, especially as they increasingly out-compete other forms of power generation based on cost alone [italics ours].

○ Energy storage is on a similar trajectory in terms of cost-competitiveness, and increasingly is deployed with wind and solar to ‘smooth’ out power supply.

○ While at an earlier phase, as of yet, electric vehicles are a huge growth opportunity. Electric vehicles have rapidly gone from 1 million to 3 million on the road globally. The demand for electric vehicles will only accelerate.

These comments highlight the long-term advantages of installing a solar panel array today.

  • First, electricity costs will rise in the future, due to inflation or scarcity, making the free solar electricity generated by your property even more valuable.
  • Second, if you have an electric vehicle now, or plan to get one in the future, solar energy increases savings on fuel costs, as you have the potential to charge that vehicle for free.
  • Finally, as mentioned in her overall testimony, Ms. Kelly sees carbon taxation as an important part of the nation’s budgetary future.

Therefore, if you start developing Renewable Energy Credits (or RECs) via the power generated by your solar system, you may later find that they have significant value on the carbon market when a carbon tax finally moves nationwide.

For more information on how you can contribute to climate optimism by using more clean energy in your life, contact Solaron of Sacramento. We help people and businesses make energy for life!

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