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Levi’s Stadium Features SunPower

Levis Stadium Features SunPower

When the San Francisco 49ers built a new stadium in Santa Clara, California, part of the plan included solar panels to power the facility. And when the team owners considered all of the possible vendors to supply those photovoltaic panels, which company did they choose? SunPower was their manufacturer of choice, the same company used by Solaron of Sacramento to supply all of our customers with solar electricity.

Levi’s “LEED”s with Green Energy

A football stadium demands tremendous amounts of energy. One game consumes enough electricity to power four hundred homes for one month! Yet Levi’s Stadium qualified for LEED Gold Status. What does that mean?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The certification, offered by the United States Green Building Council, indicates that a building is “healthy, highly-efficient and cost-saving.” Levi’s Stadium certainly qualifies, as the following facts show.

First, the SunPower solar panels at Levi’s Stadium generate a significant amount of electricity due to their stellar efficiency. Annually, they create enough energy to power the stadium for every 49ers home game. This means that the building, instead of just drawing power away from nearby family homes, provides a significant portion of its own electricity during games and then feeds stadium facilities and the neighboring electrical grid during the rest of the year. Secondly, a number of aspects in the building’s design incorporate green architecture, such as the use of reclaimed wood in construction and reclaimed water for irrigation and flushing toilets.

Make Your House Green with Help from Solaron

Solaron can help you follow the 49ers example by using SunPower solar panels to provide green energy for your home. Installation is relatively quick and simple, saving on installation costs. SunPower photovoltaics are industry leading for durability, guaranteeing a positive return on your investment. And Solaron is ready to offer a free energy consultation and quote for your home to be solar energy ready. So watch the game with power provided by the Sun, courtesy of SunPower and Solaron!

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