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Solar Innovation in California

Solar Innovation in California

SunPower Uses Manufacturing Research to Improve Products

At SunPower’s headquarters in San Jose, California, researchers and manufacturers are creating improvements in both the photovoltaic products made by SunPower and the techniques used to manufacture them. To further equip the scientists and technicians doing this work, SunPower invested over $25 million in 2017 to build a research production line at their Silicon Valley campus. Employing over 100 solar panel experts on-site, the model manufacturing facility is made with equipment and parts from more than thirty different companies in the United States, illustrating SunPower’s commitment to supporting the local and national economy.

Highlights of the Research Manufacturing Facility

Improvements in manufacturing lead to multiple benefits for both SunPower and its clients around the world. For example, by investing in this facility, SunPower accomplishes the following:

  • Improve photovoltaic cells with novel manufacturing techniques;
  • Reduce the time required to build a solar panel;
  • Increase the efficiency of manufacturing procedures to lower costs to the consumer.

In the first full year of using the facility, SunPower teams have already met these three goals. With time, the improvements made at the San Jose facility will be featured in SunPower manufacturing facilities around the world.

Benefits to our Sacramento Solar Customers

SunPower’s continuing interest in building the best production solar cells in the most efficient manner possible is a benefit to our Sacramento clients seeking solar panels.

  • You produce more electricity in your available space when you use SunPower.
  • You install longer-lasting photovoltaic cells, securing your investment.
  • Dollar for dollar, you get the best return for your money from SunPower’s superior equipment.

For more information on how you can benefit locally from SunPower’s ongoing innovations in solar panel manufacturing, contact a Solaron representative today!

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