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Solar Pool Heating for Business

Aquatics Center

Homes aren’t the only location for swimming pools. Aquatic centers, hotels, and gyms usually have swimming pools available for their clients and patrons. Many schools and apartment complexes have swimming pools on site. And all such locations benefit from having control over the water’s temperature. When people use the pool, they’re likely to enjoy it more – or perform better – if they are not distracted by water that’s too warm or cold.

But heating the water with natural gas is not considered environmentally friendly, and using electricity is getting more and more expensive with every year. Not only that, but regular maintenance and upkeep for such systems is often considered less important when purchasing the system – that is, until it’s time to perform such maintenance. And when you’re dealing with an Olympic sized pool or a diving pool, the amount of water requires a higher cost in controlling the temperature.

A Better Option for Pool Heating

Thankfully there is an alternative to natural gas and electricity. Using the bountiful California sun, commercial and educational facilities can adjust the water of their swimming pools to the best temperature. Solaron offers Heliocol solar pool heating systems in Sacramento and the Bay Area. The Heliocol system uses specialized panels to let the sunlight warm up the water. You don’t need to buy natural gas or extra electricity to have a swimming pool with optimal performance or comfort – the sun can do it for free!

Leave Solar Pool Heating to Solaron

Our experts consider how much surface area your pool covers and how much area you have available for solar pool heating panels. We calculate the needed size of your system and demonstrate what it might look like. Depending on your facility, Heliocol solar pool heating panels can be placed on rooftops, ground mounted, located over carports, on top of bleacher shading areas, or even on fences. If you’d like, we keep the pipes and panels away from public view as much as possible. If you’d like any adjustments or if you have any questions on the installation, we’re happy to go over the installation process with you. Our goal is for you to have comfortable swimming water available when you need it, and we’ve learned that using the Heliocol system is the best way to accomplish that goal.

The Heliocol solar pool heating system installed by Solaron is an excellent choice for nearly any swimming pool in Sacramento or the Bay Area. You can find out for sure by contacting Solaron and letting us show you the facts. It’s easy to learn more by setting up an appointment over the phone or by using our convenient online form. Whether it’s your home or your business, the Heliocol solar pool heating system is a great way to keep your swimming pool ready for use!

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